Bespoke Moss Hanging Baskets

These baskets come in a range of sizes, 14″, 16″ and 18″, lined with sphagnum moss and planted around the sides as well as in the top. They are made using young plants, then grown on in the nursery to create beautiful cascades of colour due to the extensive range of plants we use to create them. These baskets are only made to order.

Tub and Trough Range

We have our have our own range of containers, filled at very reasonable prices, which are available from Mid May each year. Alternatively we are able to create specific designs or colour themes based on your requirements using your own garden furniture.

Wicker Baskets

Our wicker hanging baskets are available throughout the summer season, wicker cones, flat bottomed wicker and wall cones are all filled using mixed and single colour themes or one plant such as Bacopa, Begonia, New Guinea Impatiens, Fuchsia or Trailing Geranium.


Our own hayracks come in 2 sizes, 18″ and 24″ width, again lined with sphagnum moss and packed with many different plants providing months of wonderful colours. We will also fill your own hayracks and stands.

Plastic Hangers

We have numerous baskets using single varieties, Bacopa, Mecardonia, Callibrachoa, New Guinea Impatiens and Begonias to name a few, all available throughout the summer season.

Bedding Plants

Each year we grow a vast range of annual bedding forever listening to our customers and trying new things as and when they become available on the market, if it exists we probably grow it!